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Prodyn - Procesos Dinámicos
  • We are a STRATEGIC ally for your business.
  • Your processes more dynamic and realiable.

About Us

Born in Antofagasta, Chile's second region, in order to provide services in the field of predictive maintenance processes and components in the areas of mining, general industry and health. We are a strategic partner to our clients, helping them optimize their operational costs, and very committed to the task of making their increasingly reliable and dynamic processes.

Our team consists of skilled professionals with experience and training in telecommunications, energy and services to the mining, strongly oriented towards prevention and safety.

We are representatives in the Northern Zone of the leading brand Bacsoft leading platform provider for M2M remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment, which since its inception has developed and implemented solutions in various industries worldwide.


Contribute to the production processes of our clients are increasingly reliable and dynamic.


Establish strong relationships and trust with our customers to understand their needs and provide comprehensive and innovative solutions that exceed your expectations, contributing to the achievement of its goals, generating added value to the parties.


  • Integrity: The most important thing for us is to meet our commitments, striving always impeccable, ethical and safe management.
  • Innovation: We use all our ingenuity to deliver solutions that help our customers to improve their processes.
  • Involvement: We seek to be strategic partners with our clients, generating solid and reliable relationships.

Jorge Pizarro Valencia

  • Ingeniero Comercial: Universidad Católica del Norte
  • Ingeniero Civil Industrial: Universidad de Antofagasta


Our solutions consist of monitoring the management and control of any process or component, either mobile or static. No matter where your facility is located, or in what place and time of day you are, the monitoring and control is in your hands. May, for example, Open and close switches or valves to adjust flow, track the movement of equipment and take decisive actions and reviews as soon as necessary with the touch of a button.

Generating real-time alerts via email and / or text messages to designated recipients, whenever one or more sensors to record data that is outside the parameters of certain security, will allow you to execute corrective actions in a very timely manner.

The monitoring and control is via the Internet, using the GPRS network (mobile phone network). You can access management software monitoring and control from any computer or mobile device (Tablet or Smartphone), helping their decisions are translated into action within seconds.

All information will flow to a high standard of safety. The platform provides authentication and data privacy using encryption between all system components (SSL 3.0). We have an advanced "Safe Mode" that ensures high availability.


Benefits to your business

  • Improve sustainably over time Reliability of equipment and processes.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and unexpected repairs.
  • Optimize the efficiency of man hours devoted to monitoring.
  • Minimize the risk of accidents in monitoring activities.
  • Provide, in a timely and secure manner, actual performance data and process components.

Areas of application

Our services are applicable in areas such as:

  • Mining.
  • Electricity generation.
  • Industry.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Agriculture.
  • Environment.
  • Health.
  • Others.




Postal address:
Marconi 1130-G
ZipCode 1241573
Antofagasta - Chile
Tel: (56-55) 2380025 - Cel: (56-9) 9748-0484

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